There are few countries in the world that can offer the sporting tourist, the educational groups, or the cultural tourist, such a varied and rich diversity of experience than that offered in Kenya.

Within its territory Kenya has the white sand, palm tree fringed beaches of its Indian Ocean coast line, rain forest, desert, the massive Lake Victoria that is the source of the River Nile, Africa’s Great Rift Valley, the snow capped Mount Kenya which stands on the Equator over 5000 metres above sea level, and the world’s most famous game reserve, the Masai Mara, which annually witnesses the migration of over 1,000,000 wildebeast and half a million zebra. Mount Kilimanjaro, no more than a stone’s throw across the border, can also be seen from Nairobi on a clear day, and so too Mount Kenya.

Not everything is possible during the course of a single visit but most of the essential highlights can be covered and in particular the Masai Mara, the Great Rift Valley and the Kenya Coast.

Our itinerary provides the ideal balance between seeing and experiencing a wide mixture of countryside, animals and people with quality sport.

Our arrangements cover everything once the group arrives, including all meals, transfers, accommodation, fixtures and match arrangements and safari transport.

Sporting Safaris also offers and runs more traditional safari/beach/photographic/cultural holidays for individuals/families/groups with a client base that has been derived through word of mouth referrals. Our intimate knowledge of the country and personal interest in wildlife, ornithology and photography allow us to offer bespoke safari arrangements that cater to a more discerning visitor.